Staking options in Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet allows you to earn passive income with many staking options. This article is an overview of the coins we support for staking. 

To find the list of all staking opportunities, open the wallet and click Staking on the left sidebar. 

  1. Cosmos (Atom) staking.

    ATOM offers staking to a specific validator for a 7-11% yearly yield. All you need to do is choose the amount and a validator and stake your coins. The claiming of rewards is done manually. Your coins are lock and excluded from your available balance. If you want to unstake, your coins will be frozen for 21 days before depositing to your address. Read more in our article here.
  2. Tezos (XTZ) staking.

    Staking XTZ is a great way to earn passive income. Unlike many other coins, XTZ doesn’t freeze your coins. You can still freely access your XTZ balance. You can only stake your whole balance to one validator. All the incoming XTZ will be automatically staked to the same validator. Yearly yield is 4-7%. By staking XTZ you actively support XTZ network and help to improve its stability. Learn how to stake in Atomic from our guide
  3. Tron (TRX) staking.

    Staking your TRX is also a good option to earn passive income. Tron network is operation of the principle of Delegated Proof of Stake. It allows participants of the network to vote for a validator. By staking your coins you vote for a validator, which in turn grants you with staking rewards. Your TRX is frozen and excluded from your total balance. Learn more about TRX staking here.
  4. NEO GAS staking.

    In Atomic Wallet, you can claim GAS automatically with minimal setup. Just like for the ONT, GAS for NEO is also used to pay for the transactions. Yearly yield is 1.4%. Hold NEO on your balance, make at least one transaction with it. Learn more here
  5. Komodo (KMD) staking.

    KMD also offers a hustle-free staking option. All you need to do is to hold KMD on your address and make at least one transaction of 10 KMD per month. Yearly yield is 5.1%. The rewards are claimed automatically on your address. Check our guide for details. 
  6. Algorand (ALGO) staking.

    All you need to do to stake ALGO is to hold at least 1 ALGO on your address. Yearly yield is 5.6%. Rewards are distributed as soon as a new block is added to the blockchain. Check our guide to stake ALGO. 
  7. Vechain (VET) VTHO staking.

    VET blockchain has a separate token VTHO used to pay for the transaction fees. You can earn VTHO just by holding VET on your address. Yearly reward is 1.63%. On the staking interface, you can see your daily reward and balance. 
  8. Band Protocol staking.

    Learn everything you need to know about BAND staking in our full guide here
  9. Atomic Wallet Token (AWC) staking.

    AWC is a native token of our wallet. Now we offer a staking option for our holders. Read a full guide on how to stake AWC here.
  10. ADA staking
  11. ICX staking

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