How do I stake CRO?

If you deposit your CRO with Atomic Wallet, you can earn interest on it by staking it. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to stake your CRO and reap the rewards.. 


Getting started with staking

The concept of staking is simple. Rather than letting your CRO lay idle in your account, you opt to stake it and receive returns. But the question arises from where does the interest come?

By pledging your CRO with a validator of your preference, you establish your confidence in them, resulting in them gaining more power over the blockchain. As validators earn their revenue from validating blockchain transactions, they repay the individuals who helped them. Hence, that's how you receive your rewards!

When you stake your CRO in Atomic Wallet, you're placing your trust in us as your validator.

CRO 101: the things you need to know before staking your coins

First reward Immediately  
Regular rewards Every second
Yearly yield 5.5%
  • Staking is only available for the mainnet CRO coin. You can hold both the ERC-20 CRO token and the mainnet coin in Atomic Wallet, but only the latter can be staked. 
  • You’ll have to pay a network fee every time you want to stake, claim some rewards, or unstake your CRO. For more details about the network fees, see Does Atomic Wallet charge any additional transaction fees?
  • Your CRO deposit will be frozen throughout the staking period. Your CRO will be delegated to a staking pool, which means that these coins won’t be counted toward your total balance. Also, you won’t be able to transfer or swap them. 
  • Unstaking takes 28 full days. Once you click or tap the Unstake button, your deposit will be frozen for 28 more days. After the unstaking period is over, your coins will be deposited to your address. Your CRO won’t be earning any interest over the waiting period.
  • Rewards need to be claimed manually. CRO rewards are not claimed automatically, you need to claim them manually from time to time. 
  • A small amount of CRO will be reserved on your address for future fees for claiming/unstaking transactions when you stake. That means that these funds are still on your address and are available to send away or swap, but are not available for staking. It is done in order to avoid a situation in which you accidentally stake all of your funds and are unable to unstake your coins or claim your rewards.

How to stake CRO in your Atomic Wallet app

  1. Click Staking on the left sidebar and select CRO;

  2. Click Stake; 

  3. Choose the amount to stake;

  4. Enter your password and click confirm; 

  5. Success! Your CRO deposit is now staked, so relax and wait for your first rewards to arrive. You can click the hash of your staking transaction to track it on the block explorer.

  1. Select theStaking tab in the bottom panel and tap CRO;
  2. Tap the 'Stake' button;

  3. Choose the amount to stake;

  4. Enter your password and click confirm; 

  5. Voila, your CRO deposit is now staked! Relax and wait for your first rewards to arrive.


You'll need to claim your CRO staking rewards manually. Since claiming is a regular transaction on the blockchain, the Cosmos blockchain will charge you a network fee for it every time. The fee will be taken from your available balance, not the staking deposit

Click the Claim button to claim your rewards. The button will get highlighted once there are any rewards available.

The rewards are generated with every block mined (almost every second). 

How to unstake your CRO

Note: Unstaking takes 28 days on the blockchain. 

Go back to your staking interface and click 'Unstake'. 

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