How to stake ATOM?

ATOM staking allows you to get monthly rewards by delegating ATOM to a trusted validator. Learn how to stake ATOM effortlessly with Atomic Wallet in this guide. To have ATOM on your balance you can either deposit it to your wallet address or buy within the wallet itself. The rewards are distributed by the validator with every new block mined. 

  1. Open the wallet. 
  2. Then click on ATOM from the coin list.

  3. Here is the detailed info about ATOM. Click Stake.

  4. You will see the staking interface. Your available balance for staking, your staked and unbonding ATOM and rewards. Click Stake to proceed.
    Important: you need a small amount of ATOM left on your address to be able to claim rewards. Claiming is the same procedure as a regular blockchain transaction. 

  5. Here you can change the validator by clicking on the name and choose from the list. And see your yearly earnings. Double-check the info and click Stake.

  6. That’s it! Your ATOM is now staked. You will see the transaction hash. Click on the hash to track it on the block explorer. 

Please note: to collect rewards you need to manually claim ATOM to your wallet. Click Claim on the staking interface.
Important: if you want to unstake your ATOM, click Unstake. Note, that coins will be frozen for 21 days before depositing to your address. That’s a COSMOS blockchain rule. Thee will be shown as Unbonding.

How to find ATOM staking for mobile users:

  1. Open the wallet and click Staking.
  2. Then click on ATOM from the staking list.
  3. You will then see an interface with the same functionality for ATOM staking.

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