AWC: Common Questions


AWC is the native token of Atomic Wallet. You can receive AWC cashback for any swap you make in the app, as well as stake the token to earn rewards. Don't get confused once you notice there are several AWC tokens in your coin list—we'll talk about all of them in this guide.

Atomic Wallet & AWC: A Brief Overview

Swap. You can swap the ERC-20 AWC and  BEP-20 AWC in the Swap tab in our app. For more details, see Where do I swap my AWC?.
Buy crypto. AWC is unavailable for fiat purchases at this time. You can buy the yellow-labeled AWC with BNB in the Settings tab in our app.
Staking. AWC is available for staking in Atomic Wallet. Check out the Staking tab in the app and see How do I stake my AWC? for more details.

Why are there three AWC tokens in the app?

In 2019, we migrated AWC from Ethereum to the Binance blockchain. Subsequently, 50% of the token's supply got issued under the BEP-2 protocol. The one based on the Ethereum blockchain ( ERC-20 AWC) features a blue icon, whereas the Binance-based token ( BEP-2 AWC) has a yellow one. 

In 2022 we migrated the BEP-2 AWC token to BEP-20 AWC. More about it here

What's the difference between the tokens?

  • BEP-2 AWC can be staked. 
  • ERC-20 AWC can be swapped in the wallet. 
  • BEP-20 AWC is available for swapping in the wallet and once the migration is completed, it will also be available for staking in Atomic Wallet. 

Where can I trade my AWC?

ERC-20 AWC can be traded in the Swap tab in our app. Since this AWC is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain, you'll need to have some ETH on your balance to pay the network fees for the swap. 

 BEP-20 AWC can also be traded in the Swap tab. 

For a detailed list of all the exchanges that support AWC-BNB, see Where do I swap my AWC?

How do I swap my ERC-20 AWC for BEP-20 AWC?

You can swap your Ethereum-based AWC for the BNB token via our partners' swap service at a 1:1 rate. Refer to How to swap AWC for more details. 

How do I swap my BEP-2 AWC for BEP-20 AWC? 

You will be able to swap your BEP-2 AWC for BEP-20 AWC once we've set up a special service for the swap. Stay tuned!

When will I receive my AWC cashback?

Cashback isn't awarded on a per-swap basis, so don't worry if you haven't received yours right after making a trade. We distribute AWC membership awards in batches, accounting for all swaps made the previous month. For example, you'll receive your cashback for all the swaps you made throughout December by the end of January, etc.

Why have I received much less AWC in cashback than I was expecting?

There's an upper limit on how much AWC you can receive via our membership program, which you can check in the Settings tab on the left sidebar. The limit currently caps at 400 USD worth of AWC in cashback per month for our Platinum users. 

When are AWC staking rewards paid out?

AWC staking rewards are paid out weekly. You won't need to claim them, as they'll automatically get deposited to your BNB address. See How do I stake AWC? to learn more about earning passive income off your deposit. 

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