How to stake ADA?

ADA staking is now available in Atomic Wallet. With the new Shelley upgrade, you are now able to stake your ADA and get rewards. When you stake your ADA you contribute to the stability of the whole network. And unlike many other types of staking your ADA won’t be locked and can be moved freely. Learn more about how to stake your ADA in this guide. 

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How to stake

  1. Open the wallet and navigate to the staking tab.

  2. Choose Cardano (ADA).

  3. You will see the staking interface with your available balance. Click Choose Pool.

  4. You will see your balance and network fee for the stake.

    Please note: you can only stake your whole balance. Your funds won’t be frozen and you can freely move them.

  5. Choose the pool you want to stake your ADA to. We are offering Atomic Wallet as a pool option! You can also put in a custom pool.

  6. Then click Stake.

  7. Success! Your ADA is now staked. Click on the hash to track the staking transaction on the block explorer.


After you staked your ADA, you will start to receive your rewards approximately after 20 days. You need to manually claim the rewards. The min. amount to claim is 0,5 ADA. Claiming transaction is a regular transaction on the blockchain, it requires a network fee to be paid. 

When there will be a reward, you will see the CLAIM button will become active.


Can I change the amount I want to stake?

You can only stake your whole ADA balance. It is not possible to change the amount of stake. When you stake what is actually happening is that you stake your ADA address not the balance.

Can I operate ADA while it is staked?

You can freely manage your ADA while it is staked: send/receive/exchange. Your rewards will always be calculated according to your actual balance at the time of the snapshot.

When will I start to receive my rewards? 

You will start to receive your rewards after three epochs following the epoch when you staked your ADA. This article explains this in detail. 

Can I add more ADA to my current stake?

You don’t need to perform any additional actions to do that. When you deposit to your ADA address, funds will be automatically staked. Important: with a new deposit the staking cycle will start from the beginning. 

Does Atomic take any additional fees for staking?

Atomic Wallet doesn’t take any additional fees for staking. You will only need to pay the transaction fees for staking and claiming regards. And the fee of 2 ADA as a deposit to activate your staking address. 

We are offering Atomic Wallet as a staking pool on the same terms as all other pools.

Is there a minimum amount of ADA to stake?

The min. amount to stake is 4 ADA.

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