How do I stake ICX?

Stake ICX in Atomic Wallet and earn passive income. Learn about the special features of staking with clear instruction in this guide. 

How to stake

  1. Open the wallet and navigate to Staking tab.

  2. Choose Icon (ICX) from the staking options.

  3. You will see the staking interface. Click on Stake.

  4. Enter the amount you want to stake. Or slick Stake All to stake all the available balance.

  5. Then choose a validator from our list of trusted validators. Atomic Wallet is one of the options.

  6. Check that everything is correct. Mind that staking is a regular transaction on the blockchain and you will have to pay the network fee, which is indicated below. Then click Stake.

  7. Success! Your ICX is now staked and you can track the transaction on the blockchain.


To start ICX staking there should be two transactions performed: staking and voting. Usually, both transactions are performed by clicking the button Stake as instructed. However, there might be an issue with voting. In this case, you have to manually click on VOTE in the interface. 

After you stake, please check that your coins are staked correctly. If Vote button is active, you have to click on it, otherwise, the staking won’t start.


The rewards are distributed on a daily basis. You should manually claim your rewards by clicking on the Claim button in the staking interface.

Please note, claiming is a regular transaction on the blockchain. You have to have a small amount of ICX available to pay the network fee for claiming transaction.


Your coins will be frozen for approximately 7 days after you click to Unstake them. They will be shown as Unstaking and then automatically appear on your balance. You can only unstake the whole balance. 

Tip: See the ICX Stakr page to get a more accurate estimate on how long you should wait for your ICX to be unstaked.


You can change the validator without unstaking your ICX. Simply click on Revote and choose a different validator. 

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