How do I stake AWC?

Atomic Wallet Coin/Token (AWC)is a native token of Atomic Wallet. We are proud to offer you AWC staking with up to 23% yearly yield. You can purchase AWC in the wallet directly from Binance DEX. 

  1. Open the wallet.
  2. Navigate to the Staking Tab.

  3. Click on Atomic Wallet Token.

  4. Click on Stake.

  5. Choose the amount to stake.

  6. Then click Stake X AWC.

    Please note: Staking is a regular transaction on the blockchain. You have to have a small BNB amount to cover the network fee, because AWC is a token on BNB blockchain.

  7. Enter your password.
  8. Success! Your AWC is now staked and you can start to earn you rewards. Click on the transaction hash to track on the blockchain.

Important to consider:

  • When you stake your AWC you perform a freezing transaction on the blockchain. This is a regular transaction available for all BNB tokens. Your AWC stay on your address and never leave it.
  • There is no validators, you still fully own your AWC.
  • You can unstake anytime without any blocking period.
  • No centralized services are used. 
  • Your rewards are distributed weekly as regular incoming transactions.
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