How to stake ZIL?

ZIL staking is now available in the wallet. Stake and collect rewards!
Atomic Wallet is proud to be one of the validators for ZIL coin with a growing amount of staking shares Here is a guide on ZIL staking.


  1. Open the wallet and navigate to Staking.

  2. Choose ZIL from the staking interface.

  3. Then click Stake.

  4. Choose the amount to stake: you can type it in ZIl or USD, or click Stake All. Then choose the validator.

    Important: Staking/unstaking and claiming are regular transactions on the blockchain, they require a network fee to be paid.

    Please note: the minimum amount to stake is 10 ZIL.

  5. Double-check the information and click Stake.

    Please note: After you stake the coins they will be frozen for 1 day. In this period you won’t be able to unstake them.

  6. Then confirm the transaction with your password.

    Please note: coins will be frozen for up to 25 days (24 000 blocks) once you decide to unstake them later. This is a ZIL blockchain rule.

  7. Success! Your ZIL is now staked. You can click on the transaction hash to track it on the blockchain. Allow a couple of minutes for the transaction to be confirmed. You will also see the staked amount in the interface.


The rewards will be credited with every new block mined (starting from day 2). You need to manually claim your rewards. Claiming rewards is a regular transaction on the blockchain. The network fee for claiming can go up to 31.5 ZIL. It is the max fee, but usually, it will be less and the rest will return to your balance.  It can only be paid from your available (not staked) amount.

Important: make sure you always have at least 31.5 ZIL on your available balance to be able to claim your rewards.

Please claim your rewards before unstaking. Otherwise, they will be lost.

Earning gZil

gZil is a governance token that grants its holders the right to vote on various decisions & policies enforced within the Zilliqa ecosystem. For every 1000 $ZIL earned as staking rewards, you’ll also get 1 gZil (that is, 0.001 gZil for every 1 $ZIL). The tokens will be automatically claimed alongside with your staking rewards. 

If you don’t intend to ever use your gZil for influencing the network’s decision-making, you can either swap them for ZIL or contribute to some liquidity pool(s) in return for rewards. Both can be done via Zilswap.


There are some specific rules for unstaking:

  1. After you stake your coins, they will be frozen for 1 day. In this period you won’t be able to unstake them. If you try to do so, you will receive the following error:

  2. 10 ZIL should always remain staked at the validator. Therefore, it is not possible to unstake 10 ZIL.

  3. Unstaking is done in two steps.
    Step 1. After you click Unstake, the coins will be frozen for up to 25 days (24k blocks). That depends on the speed of the blockchain itself. They will appear under  Pending withdrawals.

  4. Step 2. After approx. 14-25 days will pass, your coins will appear under Available withdrawals. You will need to click Withdraw to pass them on to your address. Please note, this is a regular transaction on the blockchain. It requires ZIL to pay the network fee.

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