How do I stake HBAR?

Get some passive income by staking your HBAR in Atomic Wallet. The process is pretty simple and we'll guide you through it in this article!


Getting started with staking

Staking is a simple process. Instead of letting your HBAR sit idly in your wallet, you put it to work. Rewards accumulate themselves while in the background without much involvement from you.  

You delegate your HBAR to a validator of your choice, making the validator gain more influence on the blockchain. Validators get paid for confirming blockchain transactions and then they pay back to users who supported them by staking HBAR with said validators. That's how you earn your rewards.

HBAR 101: the things you need to know

Hedera (HBAR)

First reward In 24 hours
Regular rewards Every 24 hours
Yearly yield 0.7%
  • You’ll have to pay a network fee every time you claim your HBAR rewards. The fees are charged by the Hedera blockchain directly and we don't have any additional ones. If you're interested in learning more about how network fees work, see Does Atomic Wallet charge any additional transaction fees?
  • Your HBAR will stay on your balance when staked. Unlike most other cryptos, Hedera doesn't lock your deposit for the staking period. You're still free to send or swap them at any time. 
  • Minimum staking period. It is the minimum amount of time you need to stake your HBAR before you are eligible to earn rewards. The staking period starts at midnight UTC and ends at midnight UTC, lasting for 24 hours.  
  • You’re staking your address. You can’t choose the amount you want to delegate—you’re staking all the HBAR you currently have. If you deposit more funds to your address, they’ll get added to the staking pool automatically. Keep in mind, that rewards for these additional funds may be collected only when the next 24-hour cycle starts. 
  • You can generate the rewards for up to 365 days without claiming them. If you wait for longer, you will lose out on profit, since you are only able to claim the rewards for the last 365 days. 
  • You’ll receive your first rewards in 24 hours. See the HBAR staking rewards section for more details. After that, regular rewards will be generated every 24 hours
  • Your rewards are claimed automatically when your balance is changed. In other words, when you deposit funds to your address, move them, stake them, etc. your rewards are claimed. 
  • You need to wait for 48 hours after you re-staked your HBAR before you start earning rewards again. If you have changed the node you are staked on or unstaked and staked your tokens again, you won’t start earning your HBAR staking rewards because the 48-hour timer will reset.

 How to stake your HBAR via our desktop app

  1. Navigate to the Staking tab and click Hedera; 
  2. Click Stake HBAR; 
  3. Choose the amount to stake and click Stake; 
  4. Enter your password and confirm the transaction; 
  5. Success! Your HBAR is now staked. Relax and wait for your first rewards to arrive. 
  1. Select the Staking tab in the bottom panel;
  2. Tap HBAR;
  3. Tap Stake;

  4. Decide on the amount to stake.

    Tip: We strongly recommend not to stake all your HBAR, as you won't be able to unstake your deposit later on otherwise.

    You'll be charged a network fee by the Hedera blockchain for both staking and unstaking your deposit. The staking fee will automatically be deducted from the amount you're staking. We recommend you leave the same amount on your balance so that you can pay the fee once you decide to unstake your HBAR. 

  5. Enter your password and tap Confirm;

  6. Voilà, your HBAR deposit is now staked! Remember, however, that it will take several epochs until your funds are fully staked. Relax and wait for your first rewards to arrive. 


You should see your first rewards about 24 hours after staking your coins. 24 hours is the amount of time you need to stake your HBAR to receive the rewards. Keep in mind, that the staking period starts at midnight UTC and ends at midnight UTC. I.e. if you stake your funds at 8 p.m. UTC on Monday, you will see your first rewards on Tuesday, at midnight. 

HBAR Rewards 101: the things you need to know

Note: You'll have to pay a network fee every time you claim your rewards.

  • You need to claim rewards at least once every 365 days. For example, if you stake your HBAR for 1000 days without ever claiming the rewards and then decide to claim, you will only get rewards for the last 365 days, losing out on the remaining 635 days. 
  • Rewards may also be claimed automatically. Rewards are claimed when you receive, send or claim HBAR.

Select the Claim button to claim your rewards. The button will get highlighted once there're any rewards available.

How to unstake your HBAR

With Hedera, there's no need to unstake your deposit, as you're always free to move your coins around, staked or not. If you still want your deposit to stop accumulating rewards (e.g., for tax purposes), select the 'Unstake' option in your HBAR staking interface.

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