ZIL: Common Questions


Atomic Wallet & ZIL: A Brief Overview

Swap. You can buy and sell your ZIL for crypto in the Swap tab in our app.
Buy crypto. ZIL is unavailable for fiat purchases at this time.
Staking. We're offering our own staking pool for ZIL. See the Staking tab in the app and our ZIL staking guide for more details.

Why can't I claim my ZIL staking rewards?

Every time you claim your staking rewards, a transaction occurs that transfers the rewards amount to your address. Blockchain transactions aren't free, though. Every single one needs to be processed by miners, who charge network fees for their work.

The fee's size depends on the network's current congestion and load. Right now, it can go up to 63 ZIL. That's why Atomic Wallet asks you to always have at least 63 ZIL on your available (that is, not staked) balance. If the fee ends up lower than that, the unspent amount will be returned to your balance.

For more details on whom you're paying and why, see our guide on network fees linked below.

Does Atomic Wallet charge any extra transaction fees?

What does 'buffered deposit' mean?

Once you click the Stake button, your ZIL deposit gets locked. It will remain frozen for 1 more day after that, which means you won't be able to unstake it. If you're getting the 'buffered deposit' error when trying to unstake your ZIL, just wait for up to 24 hours and try again.

Why can't I withdraw my ZIL?

On the Zilliqa blockchain, unstaking usually takes around 14 to 21 days. If your deposit is still showing under Pending withdrawals, it means you should wait a bit more. You'll be able to withdraw your coins once they move under Available withdrawals.

Just as claiming, withdrawal is a transaction on the blockchain, which means you'll need to pay a network fee for it. It can go up to 63 ZIL with the current network load. For more details on the fee, check out our guide below. Please note that the fees are charged by the blockchain, so it doesn't matter which wallet you're using to stake your ZIL.

Does Atomic Wallet charge any extra transaction fees?

When will my ZIL be available for withdrawal?

Once you click Unstake, the unstaking transaction gets recorded on the Zilliqa blockchain. The blockchain will need to process around 24,000 more blocks before the transaction can be successfully completed. 

If you're growing impatient wondering when your ZIL will be available, you can just check how much time has passed since the day you decided to unstake your deposit. Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to the Wallet tab, select ZIL, and click Receive. Copy your ZIL address.
  2. Look up your address here at Zillion.
  3. Scroll down till you see the Nodes staked section.
    Once the counter on the left hits 0, your ZIL will be available for withdrawal. Since the blockchain gets around 1800 blocks processed over 1 day, it's easy to get the general idea about when to expect your coins.

Where is my gZIL?

gZIL minting was ended by the Zilliqa blockchain in October 2021. If you hadn't claimed your gZIL before the 1,483,713 block was mined, those tokens became unclaimable. To see the tokens you claimed, go to the Wallet tab and search for gZIL. 

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