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How to contact our support team
Atomic Wallet 101: getting started
How to make your wallet secure: things to watch out for

Welcome to Atomic Wallet! We're here to make managing your crypto easier than managing a bank account. If you have any questions or want to leave us any feedback, feel free to reach out.

How to contact our support team

We strongly recommend not to seek assistance anywhere but via our official support form here. You may be contacted by scammers pretending to be our support agents on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram. Keep in mind that the real members of our team will never message you first.

Before looking for help on Telegram and social media, see How to keep your money safe. In any case, never share your 12-word seed phrase and private keys with anyone, including on any websites or online forms. Otherwise, you may lose all your money! 

  • Swaps. If you believe something's wrong with an order you placed via the Swap tab, see the guide on swap statuses linked below. 
    Something is wrong with my swap
  • Crypto purchases. If you want to ask about a crypto order you placed via the Buy crypto tab, see the guide on fiat purchases linked below.
    Something is wrong with my fiat-to-crypto purchase
  • Transactions. Please include the transaction's hash in your letter. Since our support team doesn't have any access to your private data or transaction history, we won't be able to help without the hash. For step-by-step instructions on where to find the hash, see our guide How to check transaction on the block explorer?.
  • General questions. We're always working on expanding our knowledge base, so try the search box (the one that took you here!) before reaching out to us via the support form here. Perhaps your question can be resolved without even having to wait for our support team to reply?

Keep in mind that Atomic is a decentralized wallet. This means we  cannot access your private data such as keys or make transactions on your behalf. Don't forget to include the data requested in our guides when reaching out to our support team!

Atomic Wallet 101

If you're just starting out with Atomic Wallet (or even the crypto world in general), here's a brief overview of what we'd recommend you read first. 

How to make your wallet secure

You're the only person who can access your private keys and data. Sounds great, right? However, this also makes you fully responsible for taking proper care of your data. Here are three rules any crypto investor should follow; for more tips and some examples of common scam techniques, see our guide How to keep my money safe?.

  • Keep your 12-word seed phrase secure. Make multiple pen-and-paper copies of it and avoid having any digital ones. With that phrase on hand, you'll be able to restore your account if you forget your password. So will be any person who knows the phrase, though, which is why you must never reveal it to anyone.
    Our support team will never ask for your private data, including your 12-word seed. If anyone does, they're bound to be a scammer. That includes scam websites such as 'web wallets' or 'account validators.' 
  • Keep your password secure. Store your Atomic Wallet password in a 2FA-supporting password manager. Note that your password doesn't have to be an incomprehensible mix of random letters—just come up with a memorable string of 10 to 12 words. In a few weeks of active use, you won't even need a password manager to type it from your memory.
  • Keep your device secure. Any non-custodial wallet is just as secure as the device you have it installed on, so think of your device as a crypto safe. If it gets infected with malware, lost, stolen, or broken, your funds may be in jeopardy.
    The good news is that you'll usually still be able to recover your wallet as long as you have your 12-word seed phrase. See our guide How to restore the wallet with your 12-word backup phrase? for more details.
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