How to keep your money safe?

Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to your money. Scamming and phishing are serious dangers in the cryptocurrency world. 

While Atomic Wallet is one of the safest ways to store and manage your cryptocurrencies, there still a lot of things one should be careful with. Atomic Wallet gives you full control over your funds, you are the only owner of your backup phrase and private keys.

But with full control comes full responsibility. How to protect your funds?

In this article, we sum-up some of the most important aspects of keeping your funds safe. The shortcut of what's inside:

Keep your sensitive information safe.

And by sensitive information, we primarily mean your 12-word backup phrase and your private keys.

Never share your 12-word backup phrase or your private keys with anyone, even with members of our staff. No matter how “safe” it looks. Your 12-word backup is the key to your funds. If anybody will have it, your funds can be stolen. 

Here is a list of musts to protect your 12-word phrase:

  1. Save your 12-word backup offline on paper and store it in two different places.
  2. Write your 12-word backup down with a serious concentration. Double-check for any errors, words order, any spelling mistakes. The 12-word backup phrase is extremely sensitive to all kinds of errors. Imagine your backup phrase being wrong at the time you need it. Awful! 
  3. Do not store your 12-word phrase on your computer, phone, cloud-services, flash drive, etc. 
Consider your 12-word backup the most important thing to take care of!

Create a unique and secure password for your Atomic Wallet. 

Most important things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t use your password for Atomic Wallet anywhere else. Make it unique. This is actually true for any other passwords you use. This will protect from compromising all passwords at once. 
  2. Use a secure password generator to create a password. The key to the safe password is length and randomness. At least 16-30 characters long, mixed letters and numbers. Use services like KeePass, 1Password and similar.
  3. Keep your password secure by storing it in the password manager. All the rules above about the 12-word backup is valid for the password as well. Don’t take a photo of it, don’t share it, better keep offline (always better) or in the password managers mentioned in point 2. 
  4. Don’t let your computer and/or browser to autosave your passwords. This is extremely unsafe! If your Google password will be compromised, your whole network of passwords will be too.

Don’t download any suspicious or pirate programs.

This advice been here from the creation of the internet. We all heard it, but not always followed. 

  1. Don’t open links from strangers. Seriously! This is a 90% scam or virus-inherited source.
  2. Don’t download a pirated Windows OS. It’s not free, it hurts. But don’t put on a question the safety of your computer and everything on it (including Atomic Wallet) in order to save some money. 
  3. Don’t visit suspicious websites. 
  4. Check the authenticity of your Atomic Wallet download. And here is how. 

Watch out for fake Atomic Wallet apps and websites. 

And there have been many! 

We have only one official website –

Check the domain carefully. It should have Atomic Protocol Systems OÜ and https protections. No other domain name is real (no etc.).

Use a VPN.

We discussed in detail how and why to use a VPN here.

Briefly speaking, VPN is hiding some of your private information like browsing history, location, etc. and replaces it with its servers. It is another layer of protection between your device and internet browsing. And, and that’s important, it helps Atomic Wallet to establish good, quility connection with the blockchain ensuring that your balances and history are displayed correctly and your transactions are processed smoothly.

There are a lot of paid and free versions out there. 
ProtonVPN and TurboVPN may be good options. Paid versions also protect you from slowing down the internet speed.

Don't use (or use carefully) public WiFi.

Not using public WiFi for cryptocurrency operations and managing funds would be the best. But in case you need to, keep in mind:

  • Don’t download anything on the public WiFi. Scammers can infect public networks and promote the installation of virus programs.
  • Keep in mind, that hackers can interfere with your current browsing session by messing up with the router. 
  • It’s possible to create a clone WiFi network duplicating the original one, but dangerous and hacking-prone. Always double-check for the authenticity of the network you use. 

What is also important regarding the public spaces in general:

  1. Don’t open/view your private keys or 12-word backup phrase in the public places (cafes, metro, work, university and so on). You never know if somebody’s looking from your shoulder. 
  2. Don’t talk about your funds in public or publicly on the internet. 

Enable 2FA on all accounts.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication through your phone for your emails, social networks and anywhere it’s an option.

2FA effectively means you need two things to log in. Usually, something that you know (your password) and something that you own (using your device) or fingerprints. 

Use Google Authentication or Authy. It doesn’t cloak you for being hacked completely, but at least make it less possible. 


Telegram regulations, unfortunately, don’t allow to control and report scammers effectively. This is the place where you need to be extra (we mean it!) and extra careful. 

Here are some of the most popular ways of scamming:
  • First and foremost, remember this simple and effective rule:
Members of the Atomic Wallet Team will NEVER write to you first. None of them will write to your direct messages asking if you need any help.
  • Beware of scammers impersonating members of our team. Scammers take names and images of the members of the support. Don’t trust the pictures or names, the only authentic telegram names of members of our team are: @Random_Idea – our main community manager, @wancho18, @Cryptojack190, @gladkos, @juliaatomic. 

  • Don’t ever fill any Google forms, that were sent to you.

    And generally, don’t ever put your 12-word backup anywhere! Your 12-word phrase is the most important thing. If you send it – you send the direct access to all your funds within the wallet.

  • Don’t make any deposits. We never ask for any money from you. 

Last important points:

Protecting your funds with all the seriousness is the key to safe crypto-managing. 

Remember, that blockchain transactions are irreversible. Atomic Wallet Team doesn't have any access to your funds, transactions or private information. We won't be able to retrieve your funds in case of scamming. On the other hand, we can always advise on the safety issues, suggest the best solution to keep your money safe or answer any questions. 

Need some help? Contact us at We provide quick and friendly support 24/7.

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