How do I make an exchange?

  1. Click Exchange in the left sidebar.

  2. Choose the coin pair you want to exchange. 
  3. Enter the amount to trade or click Send All. The available balance displayed under the input field is your balance minus the network fee.

  4. You'll see an estimate on how much you'll receive after the exchange.

  5. Double-check that everything is correct and click Exchange.
  6. Now your exchange is being processed. Give it up to 20 minutes to finish.

  1. Tap Exchange in the bottom panel.
  2. Choose the coins you want to trade.
    Note: if you see a message Pair is Inactive, it means that this pair is not available with our exchange partner. Learn more here
  3. Enter the amount to exchange or tap Send all.
  4. Once you enter the amount, you'll see an estimate on how much you'll receive, as well as the market rate.
  5. Tap Exchange.
  6. Success! Wait around 5 to 20 minutes for the exchange to get completed.
  7. You can track your exchange in the History section. BTC sent to exchange will be indicated as an outcoming transaction. And the deposit of exchanged ETH will be an incoming transaction. Learn more about the process of exchange here. 

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