How to check transaction on the block explorer?

If you want to know how to check your balance on the block explorer - have a look at this  article.

There are two options on how to find your transaction. The first is to access it from the History in Atomic Wallet. Second - is to find the transaction by using your coin address. We are making an example with BTC, but this applies to every asset in the wallet.

Finding a transaction from History:

  1. Open the wallet.
  2. Navigate through the left sidebar and click History.
  3. Find the transaction you want to check and click on it. You will then see more information about the transaction and transaction hash.
  4. By clicking on the hash you will be automatically redirected to the block explorer.

Find the transaction by address.

  1. Copy your address in Atomic Wallet. Then paste it on Check this link for a detailed guide.
  2. After finding your address scroll down to see all the transactions made with the address.
    Incoming transactions will be marked green, outcoming - red.
  3. Click on the desired transaction to see the full info about it. You may identify the transaction by amount sent or time.

What information you can find about your transaction?

The most important information is shown in the picture.

You can also see if your transaction is confirmed or not. Check this picture to see how the unconfirmed transaction looks like.

Important: If you see your transaction confirmed on the block explorer, but not in the wallet. Don’t worry! Your funds are safe and there is just a connection issue. Contact our support at for quick and friendly help.

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