How do I earn free AWC?

In this article, we provide an overview of how you can earn free AWC with us. 

AWC is a token, issued by Atomic Wallet. It serves as an internal currency for Atomic Wallet users and gives rewards for holders.

There are three AWC types within the app:

- The blue one is ERC-20 AWC, you can swap that one, but it's not possible to stake it.
- The yellow one is BEP-2 AWC, you can stake it but it's not swappable from within the wallet.
- The gold one is BEP-20 AWC, you can swap it and stake it, once the migration is complete

To learn more about swapping AWC you may read this article.
You can also swap your blue AWC for the yellow AWC, here's a guide.

And now let's get to the ways how you can earn some free AWC:

  1. Atomic Wallet Membership Program

    Atomic Wallet is happy to offer a membership program. The system is easy and open to everybody. Every user will get a cashback for every swap or purchase they make in the wallet. The more AWC you hold – the higher your status is and the more cashback AWC rewards you will receive.

    Two simple steps to participate:

    1.  Swap or Purchase coins with a wallet built-in services.
    2. Receive monthly cashback 0.25-1% of the swaps made in the previous month.

  2. Twitter

    Twitter is our main social media platform. We organize giveaways regularly. Although we have a strong community and usually there are a lot of participants, it never hurts to try your luck. Subscribe to our twitter account and don’t miss the next giveaway.

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