How do I contact Atomic Wallet Team about an exchange?

You’ve made an exchange but something went wrong? First, check our guide if you didn't see your deposit after the exchange. If that won’t help – contact our Support Team. We usually answer within 1 hour and will be happy to help.

Note: This guide is for you if you’ve already made an exchange. If you have issues or questions prior to making an exchange you can contact us via the official support form.

  1. Navigate through the left sidebar and click Exchange.
  2. Then click on the Orders History next to the Instant exchange tab.
  3.  Find the exchange you want to contact Support Team about and click on it.
  4. Click on the Contact Atomic Support about this exchange.
  5. Then the automatic email form will open. Describe your concern about the exchange. Your exchange pair, Atomic ID, exchange order ID will be already filled automatically.

    Important: if an email form is not opening for some reason, or you are unable to contact us via the described above method, just write to us a regular email (at or via website). Please don’t forget to include:

    • What coins did you exchange
    • Your Atomic Wallet ID
    • Your exchange order ID
    • And the description of the issue
  6. Send us an email and we will come back to you within 1 hour. 

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