How do I track my exchange in the Order History?


How to track your exchange in your desktop Atomic Wallet app

After making an exchange you will be able to track it via Order History within the wallet. It is an easy way to check the status of exchange and also contact our Support team about the exchange. 

  1. Next, to the Instant Exchange tab, you can find Orders History. Click on it.

  2. Now you can see the history of all your exchange orders. You can find which coins you exchanged, the time and date and the status of the exchange.

    Here is the list of statuses you may get:
    Waiting – waiting for the deposit
    Confirming – blockchain confirmation
    Exchanging – the process of exchange
    Sending to your wallet -– sending of the payout
    Completed – successfully finished the exchange
    Failed – an unsuccessful attempt
    Refunded – if your exchange was refunded
    Expired – no deposit from the user was received.  

  3. Click on the exchange to see the detailed information about it. You can see the outgoing hash and the hash of the deposit. You can click on them to track on the block explorer. Here you can find Exchange IS. And contact our Support Team is anything is wrong, or you have a question. 
  4. When you click on Contact Support, the email form will be created. Your Atomic Id and exchange information will be already stated.
    Write to us with your concern about exchange and send the email.

    Note: You will be also able to see the outgoing transaction and incoming transaction in the regular History section. You will see the coin you exchanged from as an outgoing transaction and the coin you exchanged to as an incoming. The addresses in the transactions are the addresses of the exchanges.

How to track your exchange in your mobile Atomic Wallet app

You can track all your exchange purchases within the wallet. Follow this guide on how to access your exchange Order History. 

  1. Open the wallet.
  2. Click Exchange.

  3. Click the sign of a clock in the right upper corner.

  4. Here is the list of all your exchange orders. Click on any order to see more details. 

  5. In the Order details section you can find the exchanging pair, amount to exchange, time and date and your order ID.

    Your Order ID is the easiest way to identify your exchange. You can check the status of your exchange at the page of our exchange partners here. You can also submit it to our support and we’ll look it up for you.

  6. If something went wrong or in case of questions, you can contact our support just by clicking Contact Support on this page. 
  7. Clicking on Contact Support will automatically open the email form to our support. You can type your question and send it. No need to provide additional info, it is filled in automatically.

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