What is exchange order ID and how to use it?

Making exchanges within Atomic Wallet is fast and easy. We teamed up with our partner ChangeNow to provide instant exchanges within the wallet. In this article, we describe how to use your order ID. 

What is Order ID?

Order ID – is a unique identification number of your exchange, which is assigned to the exchange at the moment it is initiated. Each exchange has its own Order ID. 

It looks like a set of letter and numbers: 


Where to find Order ID?

  • In our desktop version: 
  1. Navigate to the Exchange.
  2. Then click Order History.
  3. Click on any exchange to see the Order ID. You can click on it to copy.
  • In our mobile version:
  1. Navigate to the Exchanges. `
  2. Then click on the sign of a clock.
  3. Click on any exchange to see the details.
  4. Here is your Order ID. You can also click on it to copy.

How to use your Order ID?

  1. Track your exchange status.

    You can use it to track your order and see the status of the exchange.
    Just use this link and replace the order ID with your order ID of the specific exchange: 
    https://changenow.io/exchange/txs/ your order ID.

    That’s how a finished exchange will look like when checking on the website.

    Note: the status of the exchange can also be tracked in the Order History.

  2. Contact our support.
    If something went wrong with the exchange and you need help from our support, you need to specify your exchange Order ID in the email to us. That’s how we will identify your exchange and find information about it.
    Please note, that you can also contact our support by click on Contact Support about this exchange in the details of exchange. That way all the information, including your Order ID, will be filled in automatically.

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