How do I create a wallet?


How to create a wallet in your desktop Atomic Wallet app

So you’ve already downloaded and installed Atomic Wallet on your device? Now let’s proceed to create a new wallet. If you already have a wallet and want to restore it - please follow our instructions in this guide.

  1. Open the application on your device. 
  2. Click Create Wallet.
  3. Set up a strong and secure password. We recommend using a password manager. If you are inventing it by yourself, make sure it is not the same as any other passwords you have ever used. Repeat the password and click Set Password. Let the wallet load.Please note: if you forget/lose your password, we won’t be able to provide it. We don’t store any secure information of our users such as passwords/keys/backup phrases.
  4. You are now viewing your 12-word backup phrase. This is a crucial point for securing your assets. Your backup phrase is highly important. You should save the phrase in the most secure way. We highly recommend to store it offline in two different places. Write down the phrase and click Open Wallet.

    Please note: Atomic Wallet doesn’t store any of your personal information such as passwords/keys/backup phrases. You are the only one controlling your funds. Saving your 12-word phrase (backup, seed, recovery phrase) - is the only way to have permanent access to your funds
  5. The next step is enabling Atomic Wallet to collect logs. This is an anonymous process with only one purpose - to help you quicker and better in case of need. You can skip this step if you still prefer not to send your anonymous errors. Then click Start using Atomic.

That’s it! Your wallet is now ready to use. This process is needed only once.

How to create a wallet in your mobile Atomic Wallet app

Download our latest release from Google Play. Always make sure to keep the app up to date. We are constantly adding new features and working on wallet performance. 

  1. Open the app. You will see the front page with two options. Create New Wallet or Restore From Backup. Click on Create New Wallet.
  2. Then set the password. Make sure it is a unique and secure password that you don’t use for anything else. Click Set.
  3. Confirm your password
  4. Let the wallet load a couple of seconds
  5. You will then be presented with your backup phrase. Write the phrase on a piece of paper and store it offline in two different places. After saving your phrase, click on Start Using Atomic. 
    Please note: it is extremely important to save your backup phrase. Your 12-word phrase is the key to your funds. You can restore your wallet with your backup phrase at any time. If you lose the phrase, nobody can provide it back to you. Check our guide on the importance of the phrase. 
  6. Congrats! Your wallet is all set up and ready for use.

Check how to send an asset or use the exchange within the wallet. 

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