Can Atomic Wallet Team have access to my transactions, keys, or backup phrase?

The simple answer is – no, Atomic Wallet Team cannot monitor your wallet or private information such as keys or backup phrase. We don’t store your private information, we are a decentralized wallet. You are the master of your funds and their safety.

The wallet only belongs to you, because you control your private keys.

This gives you great freedom, but also great responsibility to keep your 12-word backup phrase safe.

Do I control my wallet?

In the name of the genuine decentralized spirit of the cryptocurrency world, you are fully controlling your wallet. Your private keys – your funds. This is a great advantage of Atomic Wallet and similar wallets out there.

Check here to learn what are private keys and why are they so important.

How Atomic Wallet differs from centralized exchanges?

Centralized services create user accounts that they control and keep your private keys. They are operating as traditional banks and act as a third party between you and your funds.
It’s true, that if you lose your password or account, they will be able to provide it back to you. On the other hand, there is always a risk of centralized hacker attacks on their servers. Many exchanges put restrictions on trade volumes and daily withdrawal limit for unverified users, as well as charging service fees. Not to mention, this third party can turn out to be untrustworthy and steal your funds or freeze them.

Holding your private keys with Atomic Wallet means fully controlling your funds.
No service fee, no user accounts, no volume limits, no centralized attacks – just you and your funds.

Can Atomic Wallet Team make a transaction for me?

Atomic Wallet Team has no access to your transactions. We can’t take out your money, make a transaction for you from one address to another. Most importantly, we can’t reverse your transaction, cancel it or fix any mistakes regarding it. We advise you to always carefully check the details of the transaction before making it. From our side, we will do anything possible to prevent any issues within the wallet. If something went wrong – contact us immediately.

I have an issue with the wallet, can Atomic Wallet fix it?

We’ll surely do everything possible from our side to help you, guide you and answer your questions. But as we don’t have access to your transactions, balances, and funds, we are able to assist you only by relying on the information you provide yourself.
When contacting us about a problem, always make sure to provide all the information possible. You transaction hashes, coin’s addresses, screenshots, and Atomic ID. Learn in detail how to contact Atomic Wallet Support.

Important: NEVER share your private information such as 12-word backup or private keys. Atomic Wallet Team will never ask for this sensitive information.

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