How do I verify the authenticity of my wallet?

Security is everything! And when it’s about downloading a wallet for managing your funds, you should be extra careful. is the only official website you can download Atomic Wallet from. 

In order to check if your Atomic Wallet download is authentic, you need to check the hash sum of the release with the hash sum of the file you have downloaded. 

Hash - is a standardized format of the file’s content. When you compare the hash sum of the downloaded file and the hash sum we publish on our website for matching, you ensure that the file you are about to install is authentic and is an original Atomic Wallet. It is easy and secure.

How to find a hash sum on the website

The hash sum is written below the latest release information.

Click on Check Hash Sum to start downloading. You will then see the hashes for every operating system in a PDF file. The format of the hashes is SHA 256.

Then you need to compare the hash sum of the downloaded file and the hash sum in the pdf file. The procedure varies for different operating systems. 

  • Mac.

To check the hash sum of the downloaded file, you need to:

  1.  Open the Terminal. By searching it in the Spotlight. 
  2. Put in the command line
     openssl dgst -sha256

    and add the space at the end.

  3. Then find your downloaded dmg-format file and drag it into the terminal. 
  4. You will be able to see the hash sum of the file in the terminal. It should be the same as in the PDF file.
  • Windows.
  1. Open Windows Terminal and Command Prompt.
  2. Enter the following command and add a space at the end
     certutil -hashfile.
  3. Then drag the downloaded file and enter space.
  4. Type sha256 at the end and press enter.
  5. Compare the presented hash with the hash from a PDF file.

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