Why are the coin prices wrong in my wallet?

If an asset in your wallet hasn't updated its price for a while or displays no price at all, keep reading this article for possible solutions! 

Note: a wrong price in the wallet does not affect the actual value of your funds on the blockchain. If you want to check whether your funds still have the proper price on the blockchain, check your address and make sure!


How does the wallet get the asset prices? 

We use a third-party service to get the coin prices, CoinMarketCap, to be exact. We use an asset's ticker to get its price from CoinMarketCap. 

Definition: a ticker is a short combination of symbols that is used to represent a token or a coin on crypto exchanges and other platforms. For example, Ethereum's ticker is ETH, Bitcoin's is BTC, and so on. 

Why are prices not updating? 

There can be a number of reasons for the delay, which range from how strict your country's crypto policies are (some governments choose to restrict access to popular crypto-related websites) to the wallet app's version being out of date. Just to make sure, please do the following:

  • Update the balances manually. To do so, go to the Wallet tab and click on the icon at the top-right corner.
  • Relaunch the app. Click Exit on the left sidebar, hit the Yes button, and launch the app again.
  • Set up a VPN on your device. We recommend ProtonVPN and NordVPN (you can pay for both with BTC), but you can pick any VPN provider of your liking. Check our guide to learn more about why you should use a VPN. 
  • Check your internet connection. In case your connection is unstable or too slow, the wallet app may fail to update the balance. Just to make sure, try connecting to some other network and see if it helps.
  • Check whether you're using the latest version of our app. You can always find the latest update's version number on our website. If it matches the number in your app's header, you should be good to go.

In case none of the above worked, contact us via the official support form.

Why is an asset missing its price? 

If an asset has a blank space instead of the price, there could be several reasons for it. 

It's possible that an asset is not yet listed on CoinMarketCap. Look up the asset's ticker on CoinMarketCap and see if it's listed there. 

Wrong ticker. Sometimes the developers of the asset themselves put the wrong information into the asset documentation. For example, FTX token developers have mixed up the name and the ticker of the token, and our wallet is unable to pull up its price. A similar issue persists with LUNA and Wrapped LUNA. Unfortunately, unless the developers fix it on their end, the issue in the wallet will persist. 

CoinMarketCap does not provide a price in USD. Atomic Wallet is only able to show the prices of assets that have a USD value on CMC. Some assets are only traded for USDT and on very few platforms. Such assets will not have their proper price shown in the wallet. For example, PTOY is only traded for USDT and only on one platform: 

As a result, the token doesn't have a price in the wallet:

High decimal space count. If an asset has a really low price with more than eight zeros after the decimal point (for example, BabyDoge currently has a price of $0.000000001061) its price will not be reflected. Unfortunately, our wallet is not yet able to properly reflect a price with such a high decimal space count. 

Fake token. There are fake tokens that are airdropped to random addresses on the blockchain which have the same ticker as the real one. Since we rely on tickers to determine an asset's price in the wallet, our wallet shows the price of a real asset even though the asset itself might be fake. We track the most popular of those and add them to our blacklist. Fake tokens from this list will not have a price. But new tokens are created all the time, so if you have some crypto in your wallet that just randomly appeared, it's most likely a scam token. Make sure your tokens are real by checking your address on the block explorer before trying to swap or send them out. More information about fake tokens here: Fake tokens: common questions

Why is an asset's price wrong?

If you know for sure that an asset's price is wrong in Atomic Wallet and there were no price swings recently, the most likely explanation is matching tickers. 

Sometimes, there are two completely different assets, both of which have the same ticker. For example, Shirtum and Shina Inu both have the 'SHI' ticker. 

In this case, the system gets confused and pulls up the price of the wrong token. We fix these issues as soon as we find them, but if you find a case like that, don't hesitate to let us know!

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