How do I check my balance on the block explorer?

In this article, we describe how to check your balance or find a transaction on the block explorer. It may sound surprising, but Atomic Wallet doesn’t actually store your funds. All your assets are safely stored on the blockchain.

What is blockchain and block explorer?

Blockchain is a public ledger that records all of the transactions included in it. It is like a record book open to anybody and stored on computers (nodes). A block explorer is a website that allows you to inspect blockchain data in a user-friendly format. Each of the coins (BTC, ETH, TRX, etc.) has its own blockchain that keeps the track of all of the confirmed transactions with this coin. Subsequently, each blockchain has its own block explorer. Your funds are stored on the addresses each of which is paired with a private key. Private keys are your access to the address and funds.

Atomic Wallet connects directly to the blockchain and block explorer nodes. It takes the information about your balance and transactions and displays it in a user-friendly format. To do that, Atomic needs a good connection to a block explorer. This connection can be sometimes out of sync, lost or denied.  But you can still check the information on the block explorer.

How do I check my balance on the block explorer?

As said before, every coin has its own blockchain and block explorer. For the purposes of this guide we will use BTC and a desktop version of Atomic Wallet. The steps, however, are identical in the mobile version of the app. While the interfaces of the block explorers can vary depending on the asset, the principle is the same: address, balance, and related transactions.

  1. Open Atomic Wallet;
  2. Find BTC and click it;

  3. Press the 'Receive' button; 

  4. Press the 'Copy' button to copy your address to the clipboard; 

  5. Open and paste your address.

  6. Your current balance will be written under the Final Balance field. In our example, it is 0.00016858 BTC. 

Note: You can compare the balance from the block explorer with the balance in Atomic Wallet. No worries if they differ. It is only a connection issue and your funds are safe on the blockchain. If you need any help, contact us via the official support form.

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Here is the list of block explorers for some coins:

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