Atomic Wallet doesn't accept my 12-word phrase

If Atomic Wallet doesn't accept your 12-word phrase, the most likely explanation is that the phrase you're entering is incorrect. The 12-word backup is very sensitive. Spelling, word order, spaces (or lack thereof) must be precise or the wallet won't accept your 12-word phrase. 

First, please check that:

  • You enter the phrase in the correct word order. Word by word with spaces in between; 
  • You use only lower-case letters;
  • Words are spelled correctly;
  • There is no space before the first word and after the last.

What else you can do:

  • Scan the QR version of your phrase. That will ensure that there are no errors when recovering your wallet.
  • Make sure all the words you are entering are part of the dictionary. Search word by word. If you have one or several words in your written-down phrase that are missing from said dictionary, you have likely written it down wrong. You might try looking for similar words in the dictionary. For example, you might have the word "scream" in your written down phrase. Since this word is not in the dictionary, it is possible that your original 12-word phrase had the word "screen" instead. So try looking for similar words.

    It's possible that eventually, Atomic Wallet will accept the phrase you're typing in, but the wallet itself might be empty. If that happens, it means you need to keep searching for words. If the word is in the dictionary, but it wasn’t in the original 12-word phrase, the addresses will be completely different. All 12 words of the phrase must match for you to get access to your funds. 

Please note, that we don't store your backup phrase. We are not able to provide it to you in case you've lost it or saved it incorrectly. The best way to save your phrase is to keep it offline to prevent it from being compromised. Have a look at these articles to learn how to keep your funds safe:

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