Atomic Wallet doesn't accept my 12-word phrase

This issue is most probably caused by the incorrect entering of your backup phrase. Your 12-word backup is very sensitive to all kinds of spelling mistakes, words order, and spaces. 

First, please check that:

  • You enter the phrase in the correct word’s order. Word by word with spaces in between. 
  • You use only lower-case letters
  • Words are spelled correctly
  • There is no space before the first word and after the last.

What else you can do:

  • Scan the QR version of your phrase that ensures there are no typos entered when pairing your wallet.
  • Check if all the words you are entering are part of the dictionary they are taken from. Search word by word. If any of the words are missing from the list, try to put in the phrase similar ones from the list. It also can happen that the phrase will open the wallet, but it will be empty. This means that you need to keep searching. Although that word is in the list, it wasn’t the one that unlocks your wallet. Only the specific 12-word phrase you had in the previous wallet will open that exact wallet.

Please note, that we don't store your backup phrase. We are not able to provide it to you in case you've lost it or saved incorrectly. The best way to save your phrase is to keep it offline to prevent compromise. Have a look at these articles to learn how to keep your funds safe:

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