How do I change my 12-word backup phrase?

In case of a minor suspicion that your 12-word phrase, your password of private keys can be compromised, we recommend moving all your funds to a new Atomic Wallet with a new 12-word backup phrase. 

The only way to change your 12-word phrase is to create a new Atomic Wallet. For each wallet, a 12-word backup phrase is generated only once and creates the private-public keys pairs for all the coins.

Keep reading our instruction if you want to create a new wallet with a new 12-word phrase and you have funds in your existing Atomic Wallet.

Important: make sure that you have your existing 12-word phrase written down in a safe place. Double-check the correctness of the phrase. Mind, that if you will lose your phrase, you will lose access to your funds. 

Note: One device can have only one Atomic Wallet installed on. If you create an Atomic Wallet on the device with already existing Atomic Wallet without the following procedure, it will replace the existing wallet with a new empty wallet.

  1. First, you'll need to move your funds out of your current wallet.
    If you have access to another computer or Android device, you can install a temporary Atomic Wallet there and move your funds over. Use this link to download the app from our official website
    After installing Atomic Wallet on your device, use your existing 12-word backup phrase to restore your existing wallet and have access to your funds. Here is the detailed instruction.
    If you have any other wallet or use any other exchange service you can send out all your funds from Atomic Wallet as regular transactions.
    Please note: Regular transactions on the blockchain require a network fee.
  2. Once you have moved all your funds out on your Atomic Wallet, your next step will be uninstalling Atomic Wallet on your main device. Remove all the versions of the app.
  3. Download Atomic Wallet from our official website and install it on your main device. Click create a new wallet. Here is the instruction on how to create a new wallet.

    Important: don’t forget to write down your new 12-word backup phrase. Store it offline in two different places. Never share it with anybody. 

  4. Send your funds to your new Atomic Wallet address from your temporary wallet as regular transactions. Learn how to deposit funds to Atomic Wallet here.
  5. Erase your temporary Atomic Wallet that was restored by your 12-word backup phrase. 

Now you should have a new Atomic Wallet with a new 12-word backup.

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