How do I uninstall Atomic Wallet?

o completely uninstall the wallet, you'll need to delete both the app and some of the data that is stored locally on your device, such as your encrypted 12-word backup phrase, private keys, and service files.

  1. First, you'll need to delete the app itself. Click Settings;

  2. Click Apps;

  3. Find Atomic Wallet and click Uninstall;

  4. Next, open the File Explorer by pressing   + E;
  5. In the address bar, type %appdata% and press Enter;

  6. Find the "atomic" folder and delete all its contents.

  1. Delete the wallet app file from your Applications folder;     

  2. Next, you'll need to empty Atomic Wallet's app data folder;
    Press Command + Shift + .;

  3. Click Library;

  4. Click Application Support;

  5. Find the atomic folder and delete all its contents;      

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