I deposited funds to Atomic Wallet, but my balance is zero


If you can't see the crypto you've sent to your Atomic Wallet on your balance, it doesn't mean your funds are lost in space. Here, we'll go through all the reasons that can be behind your balance not getting updated.

How can I double-check my balance?

First, let's make sure your transaction has indeed been successful.

1. Find the transaction's hash

Go back to the service you've sent your transaction from and look for its hash. Most wallets have a Transaction history tab, which is where you should find your transaction. For Binance, log into your account and browse through your transaction history here. For other similar exchanges, please contact the support team if you can't seem to find the hash anywhere.

Step 2. Check your transaction on the block explorer

Which coin have you sent to your Atomic Wallet?

Pick any coin from the list

Pick a coin from the list above and check out the link to its block explorer. Then, paste your transaction hash into the search bar and click on the search button.

Take a look at your transaction's status.
- For an 'Unconfirmed' transaction, you'll generally have to wait a bit more.
- For a 'Failed' transaction, please contact the support team of the service you were sending it from.
- Finally, you don't need to do anything about a 'Confirmed' one, as it's already been properly processed. In this case, keep reading this guide for more details on how to see your updated balance in Atomic Wallet.

Check your account's balance on the block explorer

  1. Go to the Wallet tab on the left sidebar and pick the coin you need from the list. Here, hit the Receive button.
  2. Copy your address.
  3. Go back to the block explorer. Paste your address into the search bar and hit Enter.
    If your balance on the block explorer seems to be correct, it means your transaction has been completed. Please keep following this guide for more details on how to see your updated balance in Atomic Wallet.

Why is my Atomic Wallet not displaying my updated balance?

There can be a number of reasons for the delay, which range from your country's crypto-unfriendliness to the wallet app's version being out of date. Just to make sure, please do the following:

  • Update the balances manually. To do so, go to the Wallet tab and click on the icon at the top-right corner.
  • Relaunch the app. Click Exit on the left sidebar, hit the Yes button, and launch the app again.
  • Set up a VPN on your device. We recommend ProtonVPN and NordVPN (you can pay for both with BTC), but you can pick any VPN provider of your liking. Check our guide to learn more about why you should use a VPN. 
  • Check your internet connection. In case your connection is unstable or too slow, the wallet app may fail to update the balance. Just to make sure, try connecting to some other network and see if it helps.
  • Check whether you're using the latest version of our app. You can always find the latest update's version number on our website. If it matches the number in your app's header, you should be good to go.

In case none of the above worked, contact us via the official support form.

Where is my crypto stored?

To keep things short, your coins are located on the blockchain, not 'in' Atomic Wallet. Moreover, you're the only person who can access and manage your account. All the data needed to control your funds is generated locally on your device during the wallet's setup, and we have no access to it.

So when you're transferring your funds to your Atomic Wallet address, you aren't sending anything to us per se. You're depositing your coins to an address you alone have the keys from, and use Atomic Wallet to interact with it in a fast & easy way. This also means that it may sometimes take the wallet a bit longer to display your updated balance.

Comparing Atomic Wallet to a traditional bank wouldn't be accurate. Instead, think of the wallet as a bank teller. They can check & tell you what your current balance is, and generally act as an intermediary between you and the bank. They cannot access your private data such as passwords or secret phrases, though. Neither can they make transactions on your behalf or manage your account in any other way.

What's more, sometimes the information they're sharing with you can get a bit out of date. Luckily, this should be easy to fix: you should ask them to go back and check for updates. That's exactly what you'd be doing by updating & relaunching your wallet, as well as setting up a VPN. In any case, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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