What is EOS?

EOS is a native cryptocurrency run on EOS.IO protocol. This protocol operates as a smart contract platform and includes CPU, RAM and NET(Network) computing resources distributed equally among EOS crypto holders. EOS is a utility token that provides both bandwidth and storage on the blockchain.

What is an EOS account?

EOS uses accounts instead of a public key. Users are able to create their own account names up to 12 characters long. This account name is your unique identification within the EOS network.
In Atomic Wallet, you can either enter your account name manually or click Generate Account Name.

What are EOS resources?

EOS network requires staked resources to be able to perform transactions on the blockchain. They’re called RAM, CPU, and network (NET).

CPU – is used to execute transactions. It refers to how often you can make transactions on EOS blockchain. CPU is measured in µs (microseconds).
NET – is the amount of data can be sent from one point to another in a specific amount of time. NET is measured in KB (kilobytes)

CPU and NET are given to you when you stake your tokens. Both resources are measured as the average usage in the past 3 days.

RAM – is used as a permanent storage of the information. The EOS.IO system contract allows users to buy RAM from the system and sell RAM back to the system in exchange for the blockchains native tokens (e.g EOS). RAM is bought, not staked for.

Learn how to buy EOS resources from our guide

How can I track my EOS transactions on the blockchain?

You can track your transactions or check your balance on the EOS block explorer – here

Some more details about EOS you can find in our article from Atomic Wallet Academy: What is EOS?

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