How do I borrow resources to send EOS?

EOS is a special coin that requires resources to operate on the blockchain. Have a look at this article if you want to learn more about EOS resources. In this article, we focus on what to do if you don’t have enough resources to send. 

When you can’t move EOS you will see the following error:

The number of resources needed and the number of actions you can do with them fluctuate on EOS network. You can track how busy the network is here

As EOS blockchain requires quite a big amount of CPU to be able to send your EOS, we recommend using Eosauthority service to make transactions, if you don’t have enough CPU. This service allows you to borrow resources from it. You can read the full information here.

Here is our guide. 

IMPORTANT: You have to have a Scatter account first. Here is our guide on how to create an account. 

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Wallet on the top panel.

  3. Then choose Add account.

  4. Choose a Scatter option. You need to have your Scatter open and running at this time.

  5. Then click Login.

  6. Your account is now linked. You will see the detailed information of your balance.

  7. Click on Send to perform a transaction.

  8. Fill in all the information: amount to send, the account of the receiver, memo if needed.

  9. Sign with Scatter. And then the transaction is executed.

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