How do I export my BCD private keys?

Warning: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) will be delisted from Atomic Wallet due to lack of demand on August 22th, 2022. 


After BCD has been delisted, you will not be able to see your balance, send, or receive the coin in Atomic Wallet. If you haven't sent out your BCD before August 22th, 2022, you will need to export your BCD private keys into another wallet and manage your funds from there. 

Getting your BCD private key

The BCD private keys are no longer available in the newest versions of the app. In order to get your BCD private key you will need to download an older version of the app first. Uninstall your current version of the app (remember to save your 12-word phrase!). Here's where you can find the older versions: 

Android, Windows, Mac, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora

Note: since Apple doesn't allow 3rd party apps to be installed on their devices, we recommend all our iOS users to use a desktop PC for this procedure. 

After you've uninstalled the current version of the app and installed the older one, you can get your BCD private key. 

  1. Launch the older version of the app and go to 'Settings', and select the 'Private Keys' tab;
  2. Enter your password, and click on the 'SHOW PRIVATE KEYS' button;
  3. Type 'BCD' in the search, and click to copy your BCD private key;

How to export BCD private keys into Bitcoin Diamond Wallet

  1. Download QT Wallet from the BCD website. Choose the version that fits your platform;

  2. Install the wallet; 
  3. After the installation is complete, the wallet will take time to sync with the blockchain. It may take up to 12 hours; 
  4. Note: keep in mind, that synchronizing with the blockchain will require your wallet to download the entire BCD blockchain on your computer. It will take approximately 200 GB of free space on your drive. 

  5. This next step could be performed simultaneously with the syncing process or you could wait until the wallet is synced. Click the 'Help' button at the top of the screen;  

  6. Select the 'Debug window' in the dropdown menu;

  7. In the Debug window, click on the 'Console' tab; 

  8. In the console window, type the following command: importprivkey then space, then paste the BCD private key you copied from Atomic Wallet, then space, then a wallet label (optional). In the screenshot below, "600" was used as a wallet label. It should look something like this:

  9. The wallet will then start rescanning the blockchain, looking for your transactions. It will take some time as well;

  10. Once the wallet has synced with the blockchain and re-scanned for your transactions, you will be able to send receive and keep your BCD in the Bitcoin Diamond Wallet. 

A note regarding different versions of Atomic Wallet 

After you have done everything and got your Bitcoin Diamond wallet to work, you will want to reinstall the current version of Atomic Wallet, there's no need to keep the old one. However, simply updating to a newer version may not be the best course of action since it might have some issues with stability and performance of the app if you go this route. We recommend completely uninstalling Atomic Wallet once again and then making a clean installation. After the current version of the app has been installed, simply restore your wallet using your 12-word phrase. 

  1. Save your 12-word backup phrase on a piece of paper - How to view your private keys/backup phrase? Do not proceed until you are 100% sure your 12-word phrase is written down.
  2. Uninstall the wallet - How do I uninstall Atomic Wallet?
  3. Install the wallet again - Link to the official website.
  4. Restore the wallet using your 12-word backup phrase - How to restore from a 12-word backup?
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