How do I update my wallet app and why should I?

We, as Atomic Wallet Team, are constantly working to improve the performance of the wallet. Adding more coins, implementing new features, improving the stability of work and UI, and fixing bugs – that is a continuous process. When we improve the work of the wallet to a certain point, we make a new release. 

We always recommend our users upgrading the wallet as soon as the release is out. Older versions may not have the full functionality and can be out of date. 

How to upgrade the wallet?

The easiest way to upgrade the wallet is by clicking on the link in the wallet itself suggesting to upgrade when the new release is out. 

  1. Open the wallet. If your version is not updated you will see the message New version of Atomic Wallet is available. Click on Download.
  2. The loading will start automatically. It takes a couple of seconds.
  3. Then you will be asked to restart. Click on Restart.
  4.  Then you will be able to access your wallet by entering your password.

Another option is to download the new version from our website and open it on your computer. The new version will replace the old one. You will be able to open the wallet with your password. 

If you upgrade from 1.39.1 version or older you need to save your 12-word backup phrase before the upgrade and restore the new version of the wallet with your backup phrase. The reason for that is a completely new core of v2.xx. DO NOT start the upgrade without keeping your 12-word backup saved. This may result in the loss of your funds. 
  1. Go to our website.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Choose the version for your operating system. Atomic Wallet is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. 
  4. The downloading will start automatically. Then simply open the application on your computer and enter with the password.

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