XMR: Common Questions

Our XMR nodes are under maintenance right now, which may be causing balance display bugs. Your funds are safe on the blockchain! You can import your private keys into any XMR-supporting wallet (e.g. GetMonero) and manage your coins there for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!


Monero is the first fully anonymous cryptocurrency. Most blockchains are pseudonymous: while it's impossible to discover the identity of any account's owner, everyone can view their transaction history and balance. Monero has revolutionized that, pioneering the first fully anonymous blockchain.

    Handy XMR links

  • The official FAQ for any general Monero-related questions you may have.
  • Moneropedia for learning everything there is about Monero

Atomic Wallet & XMR: A Brief Overview

Exchange. XMR is unavailable for exchange at this time.
Buy crypto. XMR is unavailable for fiat purchases at this time.
Staking. XMR is unavailable for staking at this time.

Why are my XMR balance and transaction history not updating?

Atomic Wallet's Monero nodes are currently unstable. Sorry for the inconvenience! Our team is working towards bringing them back in order, but balance display bugs may still be present. Since Atomic Wallet is an interface between you and the blockchain, this cannot impact your actual balance in any way.

For now, we'd recommend importing your private keys into Monero's official wallet, GetMonero. Your funds will still be accessible via Atomic Wallet, but you'll be able to double-check your actual balance and manage your XMR.

How do I export my XMR private keys?

Why have I not received my XMR from an exchange?

Most likely, you're facing a mere display bug that has no impact on your actual balance. We're working on bringing our XMR nodes back in order, but some cosmetic issues still persist.

We'd recommend importing your private keys into Monero's official wallet, GetMonero, so that you can double-check your balance.

How do I export my XMR private keys?

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