AWC migration to BSC

Warning: The BNB chain community has recently decided to phase out the BNB Beacon Chain out of the BNB chain ecosystem by April 2024. Thus, users need to migrate their AWC to Binance Smart Chain to ensure a smooth transition. 

This article covers everything you need to know about the upcoming migration.

Why is AWC migrating to BSC? 

The decision to migrate AWC to a BEP-20 (BSC) standard was made after a hardfork of the BNB Beacon Chain Mainnet, that no longer allowed for BEP-2 tokens (old AWC token standard) to be swapped on Binance DEX. Migrating AWC to BSC solves this issue and allows AWC to be swapped on other platforms that support BEP-20 tokens (also known as BSC tokens). 

With the recent announcement of BEP-2/BEP-8 Asset Sunset, the need for migration became all the more clear!

Migration process  

50 Million BSC-based AWC tokens minted
–°ashback program is switched to BSC AWC
BEP-20 AWC is available for swap in the wallet directly
BEP-2 AWC to BEP-20 AWC token swap
BEP-2 AWC staking and cashback rewards are phased out 

Staking of BSC AWC is implemented via a smart contract

Final steps of the process will be completed by March 1st, 2024. Meanwhile, stay tuned and subscribe to our news channel

Cashback and staking rewards 

  • Cashback is already being paid out with BSC AWC! 
  • Since staking has not yet been fully implemented on the BSC, the staking rewards are paid out manually in BEP-2 AWC. 

What do I need to do to swap my AWC?  

You can easily swap your BEP-2 AWC for BEP-20 AWC using a swap service we've set up with our partners. The process is fairly similar to how all the other swaps work in Atomic Wallet. Follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the swap service
  2. Enter the amount of AWC you want to swap, the swap rate is 1:1. Click or tap 'Exchange' when you're done; 

    Note: minimum amount for a swap is 21 AWC

  3. Find your BSC AWC address in your wallet. Here's a guide on how to find an address for a coin in Atomic Wallet. Copy that address and paste it into the 'Recipient Wallet' field;

    Tip: BSC AWC address should start with "0x". 

  4. You will be given an address and a memo. This is the destination where you should send your BEP-2 AWC. Make sure to copy the address and the memo correctly. If you send your AWC to a wrong address, your funds will be lost; 

    Tip: the address and the memo is unique for each swap, but the general format remains the same. The address will always start with "bnb" and the memo will always be a combination of numbers.  

  5. Go back to Atomic Wallet, find your BEP-2 AWC (AWC-986), click or tap 'Send' and paste the address along with the memo. Check and double check that both the address and the memo match the ones provided by the swap service. Click or tap 'Send' once you're done;  

  6. Enter your password and hit 'Confirm';

  7. After a couple of seconds you'll see the 'Success' screen;

  8. The whole swap process takes 5-20 minutes to complete; 

  9. After a few moments, your swap will be finished;

  10. You now have BSC AWC in your wallet!

If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us with our support form! Don't forget to copy your swap Order ID so that we could take a look!

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