Where do I exchange my AWC?

Note: AWC swaps are temporarily unavailable due to the ongoing Ethereum network hard fork.


BEP-2 AWC and ERC-20 AWC: what's the difference?
Swapping your ERC-20 AWC for BEP-2 AWC 
In-app exchange (ERC-20 AWC only) 
Binance DEX and a quick note for US residents
AWC-supporting exchanges

BEP-2 AWC and; ERC-20 AWC

In 2019, AWC was migrated to the Binance blockchain, with 50% of the token's supply getting issued under the BEP-2 protocol. The two resulting assets are easy to tell apart in the app: the token based on the Ethereum blockchain ( ERC-20 AWC) features a blue icon, whereas the Binance-based token ( BEP-2 AWC) has a yellow one. It can be tricky at first to figure out how to exchange the latter, but don't worry, we have your back.

How to swap your ERC-20 AWC for BEP-2 AWC 

Since staking is only available for the token based on the Binance blockchain, you may be willing to trade your ERC-20 AWC for it. For more details about how to swap your tokens at a 1:1 rate, see How to Swap Atomic Wallet Token (AWC)

In-app exchange ( ERC-20 AWC only)

AWC-BNB is unavailable for exchange in Atomic Wallet app. Please see the AWC-supporting exchanges section for a list of platforms where you can trade your token. 

Our exchange partners offer full support for the Ethereum-based AWC only. The token is available in the  Exchange tab in the app. Keep in mind you'll still need to have a small amount of ETH on your address to pay the network fees for the exchange. If you don't, click on Claim ETH to request a ETH deposit from us to cover the fees.

Binance DEX and a quick note for US residents

You can trade your BEP-2 AWC for BNB at Binance and then exchange your newly acquired BNB for any available coin of your liking. See Binance Dex AWC Trading Guide for more details.

If Binance is banned in your country (which is the case with the US), just use one of the exchanges listed below. Alternatively, try accessing Binance via a VPN. 

AWC-supporting exchanges

Please note that if you send your ERC-20 AWC to an exchange that only offers support for the BEP-2 token (or vice versa), your assets will be lost. 


- Uniswap (AWC → ETH)


Trust Wallet and Binance Dex ( AWC-BNB only)

You can import your BNB private key into Trust Wallet and trade your AWC for BNB via the in-app Binance DEX. Here's how to do that:

  1. Tap the settings icon at the top-right corner.
  2. Pick the Private Keys tab from the list.
  3. Tap on Backup phrase to fetch your 12 word mnemonic phrase. 
  4. Get the Trust Wallet app for your platform at http://trustwallet.com.
  5. Open the app and tap on I already have a wallet.
  6. Pick Multi-Coin Wallet.

  7. Enter your 12 word backup phrase and hit the Import button.
  8. Go to the DEX tab and pick the AWC-BNB exchange pair. Tap the Swap button to trade your AWC.
    After that, just switch to Exchange and trade your BNB for any supported coin of your liking. Your balance in Atomic Wallet will be updated automatically.

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