The process of a swap

Ever wondered how exactly the swaps work within the wallet? Here is the detailed information.

The swap process

When you initiate the swap, your swapped-from coin is being transferred to the address of our partner. In our example, ATOM from the wallet will be sent to the unique ATOM address, created by our partner just for your swap.

There are two history sections in the wallet - Order History, where you can check the status of the swap, and History, where all the incoming and outgoing transactions are recorded. Below is an example of Order History.

In the History section, you will see two transactions. One is outgoing when your coin is sent out for the swap and one is incoming - of the asset you swapped to. The address your swapped-from coin is sent to is our partners' address.

Please note, that making a swap means sending your asset for a swap as a regular blockchain transaction. The regular network fee applies. 

The swap rates 

Important: Atomic Wallet doesn’t offer fixed-rate swaps. The estimated amount can vary under the market fluctuations at the time of the swap. However, our partners guarantee that they will search for the best rate available. 

Before making a swap you will be presented with the estimated amount. This estimated amount is calculated based on the current situation on the market. Kindly note that the situation is constantly changing. It is possible that the price of a certain asset may change slightly after you have already sent the funds. Below the estimated amount you can find an approximate rate. This is an approximation of the relative value of two assets. The rate, just like the price, may change during a swap. 

Note: the rates presented in the Atomic Wallet interface are not the swap rates. We use CryptoCompare and CMC as a source. Below is an example of the average rates shown in the wallet.

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