XRP: Common Questions


XRP is the native currency of the Ripple payment network. The company behind it seeks to make cross-border money transfers fast, easy, and cost-efficient. XRP has these ideas at its very core, thus getting rid of sky-high network fees and transaction delays. Make sure to get in touch with Ripple's vibrant community!

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  • XRPscan to track your transactions
  • XRP Chat for discussing Ripple

Atomic Wallet & XRP: A Brief Overview

Swap. You can buy & sell your XRP for crypto in the Swap tab in our app. Check our guide here for more info. 
Buy crypto. We fully support fiat XRP purchases, which you can make in the Buy crypto tab. For step-by-step instructions on how to do that, refer to our guide here.
Please note that fiat XRP purchases are currently suspended for U.S. residents due to the SEC's ongoing lawsuit against Ripple.
Staking. XRP is unavailable for staking at this time.

Why can't I withdraw my 10 XRP from my balance?

10 XRP is the minimum balance required by the Ripple ledger to keep your account active. The only way to withdraw these is to get your account deleted, which will burn 5 XRP and let you transfer the rest to any address you choose. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do that, check our guide here. Please note that the minimum balance requirement is imposed by the Ripple blockchain, not Atomic Wallet.

Why can't I buy XRP with my card?

All purchases made via the Buy crypto tab are processed by our partners at Simplex. Just as most crypto payment processors, Simplex has begun to block XRP purchases made by US residents following the SEC lawsuit initiated in December 2020. We're expecting Ripple to stay unavailable until the investigations are over.

Our U.S. users are still free to use Atomic Wallet for storing, depositing, and sending XRP. We have no plans on delisting Ripple regardless of the lawsuit's outcome.

Do I need a Destination tag?

If you're sending your XRP to your Atomic Wallet address, you can just skip the Destination tag field. In case it's marked as required, just use random numbers as your tag.
If you're sending your XRP out of your Atomic Wallet, please check the receiving wallet's policies on Destination tags. You'll surely need to enter one if you're transferring your coins to an exchange's address.

Why do exchanges require a Destination tag?

For the sake of resource efficiency, crypto exchanges don't generate a unique address for every single customer. Instead, multiple customers share one address, with each of them having their own Destination tag. Said tag is used to signify who this portion of funds belongs to. That's why entering your tag is crucial when you're transferring your XRP to exchange—you may lose your funds otherwise!

Atomic Wallet, on the other hand, creates a personal account you alone have access to, so you don't need a Destination tag to receive your coins. You can compare this to owning a flat in an apartment block vs. owning a house. You'd need to know both the building's address and the unit number for an apartment, but things get easier with a house.

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