Why 20 XRP is an unspendable balance?

Ripple (XRP) Ledger has a reserve requirement of 20 XRP, which is a minimum amount to store on your address. 20 XRP is used to activate your address and permit sending/receiving operations. It is an unspendable balance – you can’t withdraw it. To be able to manage XRP in Atomic Wallet, you have to deposit 20 XRP on your account. 

Why Ripple Ledger has this requirement?

Ripple ledger uses 20 XRP unspendable balance as a restriction measure to prevent the shared global ledger from growing excessively large as the result of spam or malicious usage. To submit transactions, an address must hold a minimum amount of XRP in the shared global ledger. You cannot send this XRP to other addresses. To fund a new address, you must send enough XRP to meet the reserve requirement.

The current minimum reserve requirement is 20 XRP. (This is the cost of an address that owns no other objects in the ledger.) Each new account must set aside this much XRP, which cannot be recovered or sent to others. You can read more about it here. This an XRP blockchain rule.

Why centralized services don’t require the deposit? 

Exchange services provide one paid address to many accounts. These users do not have their own unique address but only their own Destination Tag which assigns their accounts to that wallet. And hence, no activation needed from the user’s side. However, users have no control over the addresses. Atomic Wallet creates a unique new address and gives the user full control over it by providing access to private keys.

In Atomic Wallet.

You need to deposit 20 XRP on your address in Atomic Wallet. After that, you’ll be able to manage your XRP within the wallet.

Note: 20 XRP is an unspendable balance. You won’t be able to send it out.

When you click on XRP from to see your coin list details you will see your total balance, including 20 XRP. See the screenshot:

If you click Send, you will see the available balance, that excludes 20 XRP and the network fee. This is the actual balance that you can freely move. See the screenshot:

If you will try to type your total balance, you will get the error Insufficient Funds. See the screenshot:

How can I activate my Atomic Wallet XRP account?

You can activate it by sending 20 XRP from other services. Bithomp, for instance, provides the service of account activation.

Note: some exchanges are not able to send 20 XRP on the inactivated address. If that’s the case, contact the corresponding support or choose another service. 

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