What can I do if the installation is stuck?

In this article, we will address the issue when the wallet downloading process gets stuck. It can be a case, that when downloading or upgrading Atomic Wallet, the process is stuck for ages without finishing. 

There are several steps that can be helpful in this regard.

  1. We recommend deleting all the existing versions and re-install the wallet. To do so, please follow our guide on how to uninstall the wallet.
    Important: do not start the process of reinstalling your wallet without saving your 12-word backup. This will allow you to restore your wallet. If you delete the wallet without saving the phrase, your funds will be lost. 
  2. Use a CCleaner. It’s a safe and free program to manage your apps. Delete Atomic Wallet with it. 
  3. Another reason may be not having a fresh version of the ffmpeg.dll in the local user folder. You may see the following error.

    Try to reinstall ffmpeg.dll on your PC, to the local Windows folder. 

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