How do I restore my wallet with a QR code?

If you already have a desktop Atomic Wallet, you can scan the QR code of your 12-word backup phrase to access the same wallet through your mobile app.

  1. Open your desktop Atomic Wallet app. 
  2. Go to Settings Private keys.

  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on the QR code icon placed next to your 12-word backup phrase, which is labeled as "Atomic."

  5. Open your mobile Atomic Wallet app.
  6. Tap Restore from backup.
  7. Tap the QR code icon and let the app access your camera to scan the code.

  8. Hover your phone camera over the QR code on your desktop screen.

  9. Your mobile Atomic Wallet app will now fetch your 12-word backup phrase. Tap Restore.

  10. Choose a password for your wallet and confirm it.

Voila, your mobile and desktop Atomic Wallets are now synchronized!

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