Can I have multiple wallets on one device?

Can you have two or more wallets on one device? The short answer would be:

  • you can’t have two or more wallets on one mobile device. 
  • And you can have multiple wallets on your desktop device only by managing wallets through separate user accounts. 

Atomic Wallet stores your private data, such as private keys and backup phrase locally on your device. When you install a new Atomic Wallet on top of the existing, a new backup phrase and private keys are generated. They replace the existing data and as a result, you will have a new empty wallet. 

Important: Always save your backup phrase offline in two different places! If you have your backup phrase, you will be always able to restore your wallet no matter what. Do not start any restoring process or new wallet creating without saving your backup first!

The only option to have two wallets on one desktop device is to create separate user accounts and manage two (or more) different wallets under these separate user accounts on your computer. 

You will have to download Atomic Wallet only one. A new user account on your computer will already have Atomic Wallet in the applications.

Check these guides on how to create a new user account on Mac or Windows:



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