How do I use WalletConnect?


WalletConnect is an open protocol you can use to connect your mobile Atomic Wallet to any desktop app. You may connect to any Ethereum DeFi or Binance DEX. This may come in handy if you want to trade your crypto on a larger exchange platform.  

Where to look for WalletConnect in the app

  1. Tap the 'More' button at the bottom right corner and select 'Wallet Connect'; 

  2. You'll be prompted with a request to let the app access your camera.
    It'll only be used to scan the QR code provided by Binance DEX/Uniswap later on;

How to trade on Binance DEX?

  1. Go to and click Unlock Wallet;
  2. Click WalletConnect. If nothing happens, click 'Use original way to unlock';

  3. Scan this QR code with your mobile Atomic Wallet app;

  4. Tap Approve. You won't be sharing any of your personal data;

  5. Voila! You can now trade on Binance DEX using Atomic Wallet; 

  6. Let's say you want to buy PYN. Select Buy PYN;

  7. Select Approve;

  8. The order's now placed! You can track it in Open Orders on Binance DEX;

  9. To disconnect your wallet, choose Disconnect in your Atomic Wallet app.

How to trade on Ethereum DeFi

For the purposes of this guide we are going to use Uniswap as an example. 

  1. Go to the Uniswap exchange website;
  2. Select Connect to a wallet at the top-right corner;

  3. Select WalletConnect;

  4. Scan this QR code with your mobile Atomic Wallet app;
  5. Select Approve;
  6. Voila! You're all set to trade your crypto with Uniswap.

How to fix your WalletConnet if it's stuck on loading

  • Relaunch the app and try again. Tap the icon at the top-right corner and select Log out. Re-open the app and try using WalletConnect again.
  • Set up a VPN on your device. We recommend ProtonVPN and NordVPN (you can pay for both with BTC), but you can pick any VPN provider of your liking. See our guide Why is it important to use a VPN for more details. 
  • Check your internet connection. In case your connection is unstable or too slow, the wallet app may fail to update the balance. Just to make sure, try connecting to some other network and see if it helps.
  • Check whether you're using the latest version of our app. Open your Google Play or App Store and make sure you're using the latest version of the Atomic Wallet app. If you see the "Update" button instead, tap on it. Once the update is downloaded, re-open the app and try using WalletConnect again.
  • Restore your wallet with your 12-word backup phrase. If none of the above options helped, this may do the trick. See our guide How to restore the wallet with your 12-word backup phrase? for more details. 

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