NEAR Protocol storage costs

NEAR Protocol has a feature - storage costs. It is a minimum address balance that increases with the size of your wallet data. 

Why do I need to pay the storage costs?

Your wallet contains information that needs to be safely stored on the blockchain. Validators and node operators must pay for the storage that keeps a copy of the blockchain, including your address information. More about it here.

How much NEAR do I have reserved? 

In order to check how much NEAR storage costs for you, follow these steps:

  1. Find your NEAR address in your wallet. 
  2. Go to NEAR explorer
  3. Paste your address in the search bar and press Search

  4. Here you'll see a brief rundown of your account information. Press on the link in the 'Balance Profile" tab.   

  5. This link will take you to the page with detailed information about your address, including the amount of reserved NEAR. 

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