What is XTZ minimal balance?

Tezos (XTZ) has a special feature: it requires a small fee of 0.27 XTZ to activate the address. This is a minimum balance that is required to be held on your XTZ address. It’s an official rule of XTZ blockchain. 

After 0.27 XTZ is deposited on the address, the address is activated and ready to use.

The minimal balance prevents XTZ blockchain from the excessive growth of the network. Further details can be found in the XTZ official documentation

There are three important things to consider with regard to XTZ minimal balance:

  1. To activate your XTZ address in Atomic your first deposit should be equal or more than 0.27 XTZ. 
  2. You will not be able to send your funds out if your balance is below 0.27 XTZ. You may see that you have the balance, but when you want to send it, the available balance will be shown as 0. See the screenshots.

  3. To be able to exchange XTZ to another coin, the amount to exchange should be higher than 0.27 XTZ. If your balance is below 0.27 XTZ, your XTZ available for exchange will be 0. 

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