What to do with a pending transaction?

Sometimes Ethereum transactions as well as transactions with ERC20 tokens can be stuck on the blockchain with a pending status. The reason for that can be a low network fee (low gas price). If you manually set the network fee lower than the default recommended fee in the network, it may take a much longer time for the transaction to be confirmed. What to do if your transaction is stuck with a pending status? In easy words, you need to resend the transaction with the same nonce number. Nonce – is an identification number of transaction on your address. We recommend using Mycrypto wallet for that. Here is our guide. 

  1. Go to https://mycrypto.com/account.
  2. Choose Private Key option. 
  3. Click on Download the wallet.
  4. After downloading the wallet for your OS. Run the application. And choose the Private Key option again.
  5. Then open Atomic Wallet and click on Settings
  6. Then click on Private keys and enter your password.
  7. Find ETH and copy the private key.
  8. Paste the private key into the MyCrypto respective field and click Unlock.
  9. You will see the field for sending an ETH transaction. Simply enter all the same data of the pending transaction. The address and amount to send. Then click Advanced.
  10. Next step: specify the nonce number. Find the initial pending transaction on the block explorer. You can search for your address on etherscan.io.
  11. Click on the transaction to see the details. Press Click to see more details.
  12. Find the number of the nonce. Copy it.

  13. Past the number of the nonce on MyCrypto and click Send transaction.
  14. That's it! Your transaction is now sent and the initial transaction will have a new status: Dropped&Replaced.

Need some help? Contact us at support@atomicwallet.io. We provide quick and friendly support 24/7.

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