When will I receive my AWC cashback?


I've made a swap or fiat-to-crypto-purchase yet haven't received any cashback for it

Don't worry! Your membership rewards aren't meant to be received on a per-transaction basis. We distribute AWC cashback in batches, accounting for all the swaps and fiat-to-crypto purchases made the previous month. That is, you'll receive your cashback for all the trades you've made in December by the end of January, etc.

You should also keep in mind, that the minimum cashback amount is 0.1 AWC. You will not receive cashback if your total cashback for one month amounted to less than 0.1 AWC. 

Cashback payout schedule

How do I check whether I've received any membership rewards?

  1. Go to the Wallet tab on the left sidebar;
  2. Search for AWC. Click the one with the black and yellow icon;

  3. Click on Receive;

  4. Copy your address;

  5. Go to the block explorer, paste your address into the search bar, and click on the    button;

  6. Scroll down to the Transactions tab;

  7. Browse through your transaction history. Just click on any transaction to get more details about it. Your membership reward transaction will have a 'Multi Transfer Token' in the 'Method' column, 0x4e0de36724271cB105C72E3307e365BfDa70F09A in the 'From' column, and Atomic Wallet Coin in the 'Token' column. 
    If the transaction is there yet your AWC balance in the wallet isn't reflecting it, please check our guide here.

    Alternatively, if you don't seem to find any transaction with such a memo, it means you haven't yet received your rewards. Please wait a bit! We'll distribute the cashback in the middle of this month.

Why have I received less than expected in membership rewards?

There's an upper limit on how much cashback you can receive within a month. To check the limits, go to the Settings tab on the left sidebar and take a look at the membership levels. 

  • The blue tier is capped at $50 USD worth of AWC per month.
  • The silver tier is capped at $100 USD worth of AWC per month.
  • The gold tier is capped at $200 USD worth of AWC per month.
  • The platinum tier is capped at $400 USD worth of AWC per month.

If your supposed cashback goes over this upper limit, you'll receive the maximum amount allowed by your membership level. The reward cannot exceed $400 USD even for our platinum members.

Note: the 'Membership' page in the wallet shows your combined AWC balance across all three networks

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