DOT: Common Questions


Atomic Wallet & DOT: A Brief Overview

Swap. You can buy and sell your DOT for crypto in the Swap tab in our app. Check our guide here for more info. 
Buy crypto. You can buy DOT in the Buy crypto tab. For step-by-step instructions on how to do that, see our guide here
Staking. DOT is unavailable for staking in Atomic Wallet at this time.

How do I withdraw the 1 DOT still remaining on my address?

In short, you'll need to have around 1.02 DOT on your address to empty your wallet. The .02 DOT will be used to pay the network fees for the withdrawal transaction.

The fees are charged by the Polkadot blockchain, not us. They'll stay the same no matter which wallet you're using for your coins. To send your remaining DOT to some other address, add a bit more DOT to your balance to cover the fees.

The fee cannot be deducted from the remaining 1 DOT. The reason behind this is that bringing your balance below 1 DOT would instantly deactivate your account & get all the remaining funds reaped. That is, if the blockchain charged the network fee from your 1 DOT account, the other 0.98 DOT would get destroyed.

How do I withdraw my remaining 1 DOT?

Does Atomic Wallet support batch transactions?

Yes. You can send a DOT batch transaction to your Atomic Wallet from any exchange (for example, Binance).

I made a DOT swap, but my balance is zero

Don't worry, your DOT isn't lost in space. See our guide below to find out what may be causing the delay or contact our support team.

I made a swap, but my balance is zero Contact the support team

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