NPXS/PUNDIX: Common questions

In March 2021, Pundi X has officially begun the token reduction swap from NPXS to PUNDIX. The redenomination lasted for one year and ended on 29 March 2022.

"Is it possible to swap NPXS for another asset in Atomic Wallet?"

Old NPXS tokens no longer hold any value. As a result, they are not available for swap in Atomic Wallet.

"Is it possible to swap NPXS for PUNDIX in Atomic Wallet?" 

As previously mentioned, the swap lasted for one year and ended on 29 March 2022. If you haven't swapped your NPXS for PUNDIX until March 29th 2022, you are no longer able to perform the swap. 

"What can I do with the remaining NPXS in Atomic Wallet?" 

The best thing you can do is to filter out the tokens. Since they are no longer available for redenomination, there is no platform you could send them to. If you try to send them somewhere, you will have to pay a transaction fee which will cost much more than the tokens themselves. 

"I sent NPXS to another wallet/platform and they haven't arrived"

Since old NPXS tokens have no value, most platforms have delisted them. The transaction was most likely successfully completed on the block explorer, but the funds will not be reflected on the receiving end. 

"I swapped NPXS for PUNDIX. Can I send PUNDIX to Atomic Wallet?"

Yes, PUNDIX is supported in Atomic Wallet, just like any other ERC 20 token. You can send it and keep it in Atomic Wallet.

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