I have noticed a transaction I never made

If you’ve noticed a transaction in your history you’re sure you haven’t made, you need to act as fast as possible to protect your wallet

The first thing to do is check your address on the block explorer and make sure there is indeed an outgoing transaction from your address you haven’t made. For step-by-step instructions, please see How to check transaction on the block explorer?

Since blockchain transactions are irreversible by nature, it’ll be absolutely impossible for anyone (including our team) to retrieve your money once it's stolen. That’s why we always stress the utter importance of never revealing your 12-word backup phrase to anyone, as it’s almost like handing your money over to them. 

Step 1. Make sure you’ll be able to get back into your old account

  1. Log in to your wallet.
  2. Select Settings on the left sidebar.
  3. Select Private Keys on the top panel.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Write your 12-word backup phrase down. Double-check it to make absolutely sure you got everything right, as you may lose access to your wallet otherwise.

Step 2. Create a new wallet

  1. Select Exit on the left sidebar and re-launch the wallet app.
  2. Select Create Wallet.

  3. Select Continue.
  4. Come up with a new password and type it into the field. This will create a fresh new wallet for you. 
  5. Write down your new 12-word seed phrase.
  6. For each coin you hold, copy and save your new address.

Step 3. Transfer your funds to your new account

  1. Select Exit on the left sidebar again.
  2. Select Restore from backup.

  3. Type your old backup phrase and old password.
  4. Transfer your coins to your new addresses.
  5. Select Exit.
  6. Select Restore from backup again.
  7. Type your new backup phrase and new password.

Your funds should be safe now. 

Never share your new seed with anyone and keep it someplace safe. We recommend you use pen and paper and avoid having any digital copies of the phrase whatsoever. For more security tips, please see How do I keep my wallet safe?.

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