I can't withdraw funds

If you can't move your funds – first of all – don’t worry, your funds are always safely stored on the blockchain. You can contact us via the official support form. We will try our best to help you with the issue. 

There can be various reasons why you are not able to send your funds out of Atomic Wallet. Here is an overview of them along with the simple actions you can make to fix them.

Connection issues.

In that case, you may receive an error Transaction failed, please try again later. Atomic Wallet connects directly to the block explorer nodes to perform transactions on the blockchain. This connection can be lost or denied for various reasons. 

What you can do: If your connection to the block explorer is lost or denied due to the CloudFlare blocks or region restrictions, you need to download VPN and install it on your device. Then reload the wallet with a VPN on. Here is our detailed guide.

Asset-specific issues.

There are some specific asset-management rules, that can be the reason why you are not able to withdraw funds. 

  • ETH-powered assets require a small amount of ETH on your balance, in order to pay a network fee. Read more about it here
  • Similarly, to be able to manage BTT, you need to store TRX on your balance. To manage BNB tokens, you need to have BNB on your balance. EOS requires specific resources to be spent on every transaction. If you are not able to move EOS, you may be out of resources. 

What you can do: deposit a small amount of the coin you need to pay a network fee out of. For EOS, use our guide to refill resources.

You get an Insufficient Funds error.

You may get Insufficient Funds error if you are trying to send bigger amounts, than your available balance or you don’t take into consideration network fees. 

Note: XLM/XRP assets have an unspendable deposit of 1XLM and 10XRP respectively. You won’t be able to withdraw it. This is a blockchain rule, check our article to learn more about it. 

What you can do: check if that’s the case for you and try a smaller amount. You can also press Send All to automatically take out the network fee and send all your available balance.

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