How do I send and receive NFTs?

An NFT or non-fungible token is a digital asset, such as art, music or anything else. The ownership of the asset is recorded on the blockchain. You can learn more about NFTs in our blog. As of version 2.47.6 of Atomic Wallet you can send and receive NFTs on the SOL, ETH, and BSC blockchain in your wallet. This article will cover both how to send and receive NFTs in Atomic Wallet.


What NFTs does Atomic Wallet support? 

As of version 2.50.1 the wallet fully supports the following NFT formats:  JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP.  You can fully view the pictures and GIFs. 

Other formats, such as MP4, MP3 will be reflected in your wallet, but it is not yet possible to watch or listen to the content. You are, however, able to send, receive, and check the description of an NFT. 

Supported networks for NFTs are SOL, ETH, and BSC. 

How do I receive an NFT in Atomic Wallet?

  1. Open the wallet. 
  2. Click on the NFT Gallery in the left sidebar.

  3. Click on Receive NFT.
  4. Pick the network of the NFT you wish to send to your wallet and you will see the public address for that network in your wallet. Click on the Copy address button to copy it to the clipboard. On the screenshot below, the SOL network is selected and the wallet shows you the SOL address. It works the same way for ETH and BSC as well.  

  5. ou can also scan the QR-code, or let the sender scan it. 
  6. You can send NFTs to the copied address from any platform that trades SOL, ETH, or BSC-based NFTs, like Solsea.  
  7. After you've recieved an NFT you'll be able to see it in your NFT Gallery. 

How do I send an NFT? 

  1. Open the wallet. 
  2. Click on the NFT Gallery in the left sidebar.

  3. Select an NFT that you want to send. We'll use the Sol Tshirt as an example. 

  4. Click on the NFT and press Send.

  5. Paste the address that you want to send your NFT to. 

  6. Type your password and send click Confirm.

  7. And there you have it! You've sent your NFT. 

If you get an error screen during that final step, kindly check out this article.

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